Some Visual Studio Items

Item Templates not found

After installing SSDT for VS and SSDT from Advanced Services, Visual Studio failed to add a New Item (in fact, any New Item regardless of the item type), instead displaying the error message that it “could not find file” in the directory appdata\local\microsoft\visualstudio\10.0\itemtemplatescache…etc…

As this answer on SO explains, you need to run devenv.ex (from command line in administrator mode) using the /installvstemplates switch, to fix this error.

Run .cmd from VS

You add a .cmd file to your project or solution, and want to invoke it from inside the VS IDE?

I found this instruction to add cmd.exe as External Tool and assign its invocation to any file inside a project.

To open the command prompt in a separate console window (rather than pipe its output to VS’s Output Window), you need to uncheck the Use Output Window checkbox. You must uncheck it if the batch file contains input statements such as PAUSE.

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