Inserting and Updating List Items with ASP.Net MVC and JQuery

In ASP.Net MVC you can display lists of data either as a grid with paging, just as in ASP.Net, or, as I prefer most often, using Infinite Scrolling.

Editing and item or adding an item to the list needs a different approach in Infinite Scrolling as opposed to the paging grid: after adding or updating, you do not want the user to have to scroll back to the original location of the record inside the grid.

Let’s have a look at how Infinite Scrolling can be implemented:

$.get("/More/Items/" + page /* + other options, such as sort order */ , 
  function(data) {    if (data != "") {

So we need a controller method returning a partial view filled with the data model of the list.

To support adding a newly created record, or displayed an updated record in the list, we split the list’s partial view into an enumeration part and an item part


  foreach(var item in Model.Items) {
    Html.RenderPartial("ListItem", item);

The ListItem.ascx then contains the record inside a <tr>:



Next. we want to support adding and editing records. Personally I prefer jQuery UI’s $.dialog() to open a form for editing the record, and upon closing the dialog, the data is stored using an Ajax or Web service request, and finally the list item is updated:

var tbl = $("#myTable tbody");

$.get('Ajax/GetInsertedRecord?id=' + data.Id
  function (data) {
    tbl.prepend(data);    // insert as first record in list

where data is the record returned from the Ajax call to insert the data.

Analogously for updating the edited record, use

var tr = hl.parent().parent();  // retrieve the <tr> of the Edit button

$.get('Ajax/GetUpdatedRecord?id=' + data.Id,
  function (data) {

This in-place adding and updating just require 2 controller methods, and the record partial view extracted from the original list view! Both controller methods return the same partial view as the one referenced in the list partial view.

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