Handling NOT_IMPLEMENTED in VMware Player log file

I moved a VMware VM from one PC to another, and could not start the VM on the new machine any more.

The player’s log file contained a couple of Access Denied messages, and the line

NOT_IMPLEMENTED C:/ob/bora-80004/bora/apps/lib/cui/vmDeviceSCSICtlr.cc:129

After the backtrace section and a set of CoreDump files, the log file ends with

[msg.log.error.unrecoverable] VMware Player unrecoverable error: (player)
NOT_IMPLEMENTED C:/ob/bora-80004/bora/apps/lib/cui/vmDeviceSCSICtlr.cc:129
[msg.panic.haveLog] A log file is available in 

Background info: the VM contains a 64bit Windows server, the original PC runs 64bit Windows 7. The target machine runs on 32bit Windows 7, and a quite dated version of VMware Player (2.0.x).

After finding the VMware community post Error running 64 bit guest OS on a 32bit windows XP with processor supporing 64bit OS I upgraded to the lastest version of VMware player (5.0.x), installed VMware Tools as prompted, and the 64bit VM ran on 32bit Windows.

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