Type-safe Enumeration of Enum Values in C#

The seem to be (at least!) 3 way to enumerate all defined values of an enum definition. The simplest uses Enum.GetValues(), but returns an array whose values need to be cast to the specific enum:

var values = Enum.GetValues(typeof (MyEnum));
foreach (MyEnum v in values) { }

.Net 3.5 and Linq introduced the Cast<>() extension method which allows a type-safe cast of each member of the array to be cast to the enum:

var values = Enum.GetValues(typeof(MyEnum)).Cast<MyEnum>();

Still, the enum type needs to be specified twice.

More sophisticated, the UnconstrainedMelody library directly defines a type-safe enumeration of enum values like this:

var values = Enums.GetValues<MyEnum>();

Time to clean up your code if your project contains two or more ways to iterate through enum values… šŸ˜‰

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