Converting .VDR Files to .TS with VLC 2 (Windows 7)

I tried to process some historic .vdr files using the script I posted 3 years ago (using VLC 1), and noticed that the command line parameters did not work anymore. Instead, VLC 2 gave me the error message

The command line options could not be parsed.
Make sure they are valid.

Very helpful, thanks a lot.

First I tried the VLC command-line help, but found that the Advanced Streaming Using the Command Line on the VLC wiki was more helpful.

After a bit of trial and error, my vdr-to-ts conversion batch file looks like this:

set input=c:\path\to\movie\timestamp.rec
set output=c:\\path\\movie.ts

copy "%input%\info.vdr" "%output%.txt"

"C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc" "%input%01.vdr" --verbose=2 ↩
    --sout "#standard{mux=ts,access=file,dst=%output%}" vlc://quit

for %%i in (002 003 004) do if exist "%input%\%%i.vdr" ↩
    "C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc" "%input%\%%i.vdr" --verbose=2 ↩
    --sout "#standard{access=file{append},mux=ts,dst=%output%}" vlc://quit

Note that the ↩ character means that the command line continues – the line breaks are inserted for legibility reasons only.

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