Updating YuJisho: a Unicode CJK Character web dictionary

I deployed by first version of YuJisho nearly 4 years ago, and, as I developed more and more MVC applications since then, I felt it was time to migrate the original ASP.Net application to ASP.Net MVC.

ASP.Net allowed (supported?) really messy code, so the challenges for an MVC migration are:

  • Extract business logic from the presentation layer to the business layer
  • Re-write the markup from ASP: controls to use native HTML
  • Re-write postbacks as HttpPost actions (both <form> and Ajax requests)

The layout also got a facelift using basic Bootstrap (version 2) styling, but the UI migration is not yet complete.

The data remains unchanged, containing Unicode 5.2, but an upgrade to Unicode 6.3 and the latest dictionary data is in the pipeline.

Enjoy browsing and searching 😉

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