Non-Random Playlist in VLC

When adding a couple of videos to a VLC (2.0.1) playlist, I noticed that the videos did not play in the order given by the playlist.

Of course, I opened the Preferences dialog, switched to All Settings, and in the Playlist section un-checked the box “Play files randomly forever”.

Closing and starting VLC again showed that the setting was not saved and thus not observed.

Not even in administrator mode.

Inquiring a solution from teh interwebs I found this thread on the VideoLAN forum, and after deciphering a couple of answers there, I guess the (currently) only solution is as follows:

  • Open Tools / Customize Interface…
  • In the Toolbar Elements list, select the Random icon
  • Drag the Random icon to one of the Toolbars on the right side of the dialog
  • Close the dialog

VLC now displays the Random icon, and if the icon is not pressed, VLC will play the playlist in the desired order.

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