Custom XSD Validation in Visual Studio 2013

We developed an XSD schema, and wanted to create valid .cshtml markup using Visual Studio.

Based on tips found on the internet, I managed to get this working on VS2010 (sorry, didn’t write about it 😉 ), but for VS2013, the solution seems to be different again.

Here’s how I managed to get custom XSD validation in VS2013:

  • Put a copy of your XSD in the directory
C:\Program Files[ (x86)]\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\Packages\schemas\html
  • Open regedit.exe and navigate to the key

This reg key holds all schemas for the VS “package” Visual Studio HTM Editor Package”.

The value of “File” is the relative path to the .xsd, in our case “html\my.xsd”.

  • Add a string named “Friendly Name”

The value of “Friendly Name” is the name to be displayed in the validation settings.

  • Add a DWord named IsBrowseable

Not sure whether this is required, but HTML5 and XHTML5 also have it. Set its value to 1.

Alternatively, you can also create a .reg file, set the values according to your environment, and import using regedit:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Friendly Name"="My Schema"

Start Visual Studio 2013, and navigate to Tools, Options, Text Editor, HTML (Web Forms). Or simply type “valid” in the search box of the Options dialog.

You will find your entry “My Schema” in the dropdown list “Target when no doctype found:”.

If you only want to edit files confirming to your schema, then select it here.

Otherwise, close the dialog, and right-click the toolbar (right below the menu bar) and check the item “HTML Source Editing”. Now the toolbar will also contain the Target Schema selection dropdown.

BUT: If you open a .cshtml by double-clicking, the source will be displayed, but the Target Schema dropdown is inactive!

The reason is that, whoever invented this whole thing, there is a difference between “HTML Editor” and “HTML (Web Forms) Editor”!

Right-click the .cshtml file, and select “Open With…”. In my installation, HTML Editor is the default for .cshtm, but you can set the Web Forms editor as default using the, uhm, “Set as Default” button.

So now, either way you open the .cshtml in the “HTML (Web Forms) Editor”, the Target Schema selection dropdown is now active, and your custom schema can be selected for validation.

Unfortunately, Razor does not seem to be supported in the Web Forms Editor (high-lighting etc), so you need to choose between Razor-enabled unvalidated or Razor-disabled validated editing. Really?

Sources: SO, AngularJS, MSDN Social.

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