No Language Bar in Windows 7 Home Premium

If you add keyboard layouts in Windows 7 Pro, the Language Bar shows up in the Taskbar, after you enabled it in the language bar settings dialog.

However, I found that Home Premium does not automatically the language bar, even if all the required checkboxes are checked.

The first hint I found that partly fixed the situation was to manually start (Start|Run) the program ctfmon.exe.

Annoyingly, the tiny buttons in the language bar allow you to accidentally close it, and there is no straight-forward way to bring it back.

Changing the settings to disable the symbols

Language Bar settings

Language Bar settings

and adding ctfmon.exe to system start as sketched here finally solved the problem:

  • start regedit
  • navigate to
  • add string key named “ctfmon”
  • set its value to “C:\Windows\system32\ctfmon.exe”


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