Umbraco 8 back-office has no Dictionary node

In one of my new Umbraco 8 sites, I needed to create a dictionary to store texts, rather than hard-coding strings in C# code.

However, I could not find the Dictionary node in Content, where I would have expected it. (and others as well)

The solution is to login as administrator, and assign the user access to the group Translators, or to enable the section Translators for the group.

It seems that an administrator does not have access to the translation functionality by default.

Then, create Languages under the Content tab, and add dictionary items with their respective text values under Translation.

See the Umbraco forum for illustrations.


Retrieving the Umbraco Version

There are several ways to figure out which version of Umbraco a given Umbraco site is running.


For Umbraco 7 and higher, the File Properties dialog of Umbraco.Core.dll lists the Umbraco version:



However, older versions of Umbraco only show the Build version:


To retrieve the actual Umbraco version of older Umbraco installations, you need to resort to Powershell:


Compare the source code of the UmbracoVersion class of Umbraco 6, Umbraco 7, and Umbraco 8.


Umbraco 7 keeps track of the installed or upgraded versions in the table umbracoMigration:

id name createDate version
1 Umbraco 2017-05-11 15:45:57.410 7.6.1
2 Umbraco 2019-08-26 10:49:14.110 7.7.0
3 Umbraco 2019-08-26 13:56:57.727 7.15.2


Umbraco’s upgrade mechanism makes use of the <appSettings> to figure out whether a database upgrade is necessary. Depending on the version, the keys  umbracoConfigurationStatus (up to V7), or Umbraco.Core.ConfigurationStatus (V8) are used:

<add key="umbracoConfigurationStatus" value="7.7.0" />

<add key="Umbraco.Core.ConfigurationStatus" value="8.1.4" />