Introducing SMOscript

SQL Server 2000 provides a tool called scptxfr which generates DROP and CREATE scripts for all objects in a database. Unfortunately it is not included in SQL Server 2005.

In the batch files I described in my posts about automating the build process, I also call it to generate a script for all database objects which is then used in version control.

Since it is not included in the latest SQL Server versions, I developed a replacement for scptxfr which uses the .Net SMO libraries for script generation called SMOscript:

smoscript 0.10.3169.17676 (c) by 2008

    list and script databases and database objects.

    usage: smoscript [options] [command]

    options: (leading '-' or '/')

    -s server       server name
    -d database     database name
    -u username     username (default: integrated authentication)
    -p password     password (if -u is missing, password for sa)

    -r              generate DROP statements
    -i              include IF NOT EXISTS statements

    -f filename     output to file
    -F directory    output to directory

    -A              current ANSI codepage
    -O              ASCII
    -T              Unicode
    -U              UTF8


    l               list
    s               script object/s

    list databases on server (implied by -s)
    list objects in database (implied by -s -d)
    script object (implied by -s -d -o)
    script all objects (implied by -s -d -F/-f)

The SMOscript utility implements the following functions:

  • list all databases on a server
  • list all objects in a database
  • script CREATE or DROP statements for each object in database

Resulting script are either written to a single file, or to a separate file for each object.

Command line switches were selected to be compatible with scptxfr, but support both “-” and “/” as switch marker.

SMOscript is available for download here.

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