ASP.Net 4 Page Life Cycle

The sequence of methods and events that each Page, MasterPage, and Control processes during the ASP.Net life cycle has been a recurring topic in this blog:

Each time, I linked to some external charts displaying the sequence of events.

The existing charts (that I know of) also do not cover Nested MasterPages which have been introduced in VS 2008.

Time to create my own diagram, and here it is (right-click to save):

2 Responses to ASP.Net 4 Page Life Cycle

  1. […] “True” ASP.Net (as I am used to developing) would embed the controls in the markup, and have the framework instantiate the controls and initialize them in their Page_Init events, as I sketched in my post on the ASP.Net Life Cycle. […]

  2. […] recent pingback to my ASP.Net Page Life Cycle diagram reminded me of my plans to complete that […]

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