New Features in dbscript 0.94

The latest version 0.94 of dbscript adds new functionality:

Multi-user capability

A user/role model has been implemented which allows the following definitions:

  • System administrator roles
  • Project-specific roles (project administrator, project user)
  • User/Role assignments

Each user can be assigned to several roles. A role is either a sysadmin role, or assigned to one or more projects. Within a project, a role is defined as project administrator or project user role. Users inherit sysadmin, project admin, and project user capability from their assigned roles.

Documentation Generators

New documentation generators create documentation as

Value Scripts

Adding to existing functionality creating C# const declarations:

  • C# public static const classes are now declared partial
  • new C# public static class with string ToString(int) to convert an int identifier into its string representation
  • VB.Net public const declarations
  • define optional WHERE condition on generated values

Database Schema Checks

Added the following checks on database tables:

  • Tables without Primary Key
  • Tables without Unique Constraint
  • Tables without Foreign Key Constraints
  • Unreferences Tables
  • Isolated Tables

The latest version of dbscript is available for download here.

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