Essential NuGet packages for ASP.Net MVC

Here are some useful packages I came across in recent years:

Topic Package NuGet Source
log4net nuget apache
Error Logger
elmah.corelibrary nuget github
Elmah.Mvc nuget github
ElmahAppender.log4net nuget github
Glimpse nuget github
Glimpse.AspNet nuget
Glimpse.Mvc5 nuget
NHibernate.Glimpse nuget github
Minifier, Bundler
BundleTransformer.Core nuget github
BundleTransformer.Yui nuget github
Data Access
Nhibernate nuget github
Identity Management
NHibernate.AspNet.Identity nuget github
Handlebars.Net nuget github
RazorEngine nuget github
EPPlus nuget github
CsvHelper nuget github
PdfSharp nuget pdfsharp
HtmlRenderer.PdfSharp nuget github
DocuVieware Lite
HTML5 Document Viewer For ASP.NET

Some useful Web Applications

Link clearance, and closing some browser tabs 😉


A Hassle-Free Way to Self-Host Google Fonts


A Quick Spreadsheets-to-HTML <Table> Tool

.Net Regex Tester

Test regular expressions with real-time highlighting.

Port Scanner

Port scanner shows which ports are open on your (or someone else’s) computer and what they are accountable for.
Verification is performed via the scanner nmap, and shows the extend to which your PC is open to the outside world.


Online Tools Collection

Encoding / Decoding

Base64 Decode and Encode – Encode text to base64, decode base64 to text

utf8-decoder – Decode bytes and characters to Unicode character names

HTML entity encoder/decoder – Translate text into HTML entities

Punycoder – Punycode (IDN) converter

Unicode code converter – Convert Unicode text to code point values (hex, UTF-8, etc.)


Favicon Generator – Create favicons from image

ICO Convert – Convert image to .ico format

Palettes and Gradients

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator – Gradient with 2 or more colors, generates CSS including support for older browsers

CSSmatic – Gradient generator

Paletton Color Scheme Designer – generate palette with up to 4 colors from base color


.Net Regex Tester

Online Collaboration

EtherCalc – spreadsheet

Software Inventory: Firefox Extensions


FoxyProxy Standard


Hide My IP


Block site


Video DownloadHelper

Bookmark Management

Go Parent Folder

Show Parent Folder


Quick Locale Switcher

Most of the functionality of previous developer’s extensions Firebug and Web Developer seems to be included in standard Firefox.


Screengrab (fix version)

Session Management

Session Manager


Browser Screenshot Tools

In my previous blog on browser screenshot extensions I did not cover Internet Explorer.

For two reasons: I do not use IE frequently, and therefore I had no experience with screenshot add-ons or plugins.

But now I across a screenshot tool called Greenshot. It’s not a browser extension, but rather a stand-alone program sitting in the Windows Toolbar, which lets you take a screenshot of the current window.

It offers special commands for IE, so that it also scrolls IE’s windows while taking a screenshot.

The default file name is derived from the window’s title and the current timestamp, but the file name format can be configured, and the file name can be changed in the File Save dialog.

Browser Screenshot Extensions

If you want to take a screenshot of your current browser window, there’s always good old ALT-Printscreen, but this function captures the whole window, not just the contents, and copies it to the clipboard. Then you still need to open a graphics editor, such as Paint.Net, to crop, edit, and save the image.

There are, however, a couple of browser extensions to simplify the process, and support capturing the complete page contents, rather than just the visible part of the page.

Here’s the list of extensions I use:


In Firefox, I use Screengrab (fix version). It allows you to save or copy-to-clipboard the complete page, the visible part, or a selected area of the current page.

In the settings, you can define the pattern of the file name of the saved image (default: HTML Title and timestamp), and the text that is generated at the top of the image (default: URL). The option “Quickly save” won’t prompt you for a file name.

I love this extension for Firefox – however, if the screenshot gets too big (about 1.5Mb on Win32, 3Mb on Win32), it silently fails and generates .png files of size 0).


The extension Screen Capture (by Google) is now unsupported, and it did not work (read: the menu buttons did not invoke any recognizable action) on the latest versions of Chrome.

The extension Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate supports capturing the complete page, the visible and a selected part of the page. After capturing, a simply picture editor allows you to crop the picture, or add simple graphics and text to the image. The file name of the saved image defaults to the page’s Title, but can be edited in the Save As dialog.

Unfortunately, only the command “Capture visible part of page” works on Facebook pages – both “entire page” and “selected area” fail to capture.

Finally, the extension Full Page Screen Capture simply generates an image of the complete page, and displays it in a new tab. From there, you need to invoke Save (ctrl-S) to save the image to the default directory. File name pattern is “screencapture-” plus the current URL. This extension provides no options.

Viewing Large Text and Log Files

Log files can become quite big, and if you generate scripts of type Data in SSMS, the script files easily reach 1GB or more in size.

But which viewer or editor can you use to open a 20GB text file? Certainly not Notepad, and even Notepad++ struggles and is unresponsive for a long time.


BareTail is a log file viewer with a nice “Follow Tail” option which allows you to watch web server and other log files while they are written.

Pros: Line coloring based on text in lines. Updated files are marked in the tabs. Save config to file.

Cons: Pre-UAC application, so saving the configuration fails if it is installed under C:\Program Files\. Cannot copy large texts to clipboard. No Search.

Large Text File Viewer

Large Text File Viewer is a text file viewer. Opens large text files immediately, and loads the file in the background without blocking the UI.

Searching for text displays a dialog with the estimated search time, which is about 1 hour for 20GB or 75M lines.

Support for Unicode, but no UTF-8.


The V File Viewer displays files in text and in hex mode which is great for analyzing large binary files, or detecting the encoding of large text files.

Software Inventory (CRM Development PC)

CRM 2011 Development

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 SDK (MSDN)

Windows Identity Foundation

CRM 4 to CRM 2011 JavaScript Converter

Plugin Registration Tool

Visual Studio

Lardite Reference Assistant removes unused references from Visual Studio projects

Version Control

Tortoise SVN


VMWare Player


BareTail log file viewer

ILSpy .Net disassembler

TreeSize Free


IrfanView image viewer



My Software Inventory page has been updated to include the listed software packages.

Software Inventory (Work PC 1)

Whenever I start a new project at a customer’s site, I need to install the same software packages again. My mid-year resolution: collect the links to stuff I use regularly…

Visual Studio

Visual Studio and Express versions (and Service Packs and Feature Packs)


MSBuild Community Tasks


SQL Server and Express




Painting and Charting


Dia and Dia Shapes

Pencil standalone for UI prototyping


7zip zips and unzips nearly everything, shell integration in Windows Explorer

Notepad++ text editor

WinMerge file and directory comparison

Web Development


Christoc’s DotNetNuke Module Development Template

soapUI test and explore Web Services (WSDL)




jQuery UI


jQuery datetimepicker